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Caesarea Patents manages Intellectual Property (IP), in-house at your company, in a business and marketing oriented manner.

We guide innovation, creative thinking and an appetite for success, while fostering excellent interpersonal relationships.

Shirly Weiser manages IP in technology-based companies. For ten years, she managed IP at a leading international pharmaceutical company, going on to manage IP at the nutritional ingredients and medical foods industry. She led the filing of dozens of patent applications, found legal and technological paths for avoiding patent infringement and successfully managed patent litigation cases.

Within the framework of her freelance activity in Caesarea Patents, Adv. Weiser has managed the IP of companies in the fields of: FoodTech, AgTech, Wastewater Treatment, Aquaculture, Biotech and Medical Cannabis.

Adv. Weiser uses legal and technological tools together with her excellent management skills. In her work, she is passionate about technological innovation, goes into the details of the development process, empowers the researchers and cleverly directs the findings in favor of the company’s business interests.

Adv. Weiser graduated from the Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, in Food Engineering and Biotechnology (B.Sc); thus started her career in the food industry by developing new snacks and innovative dairy products. Later on she graduated Law School (LLB) and has combined her inter-disciplinary skills to become an IP attorney experienced in patents and trademarks.

Cynthia Webb, Ph.D. – Patent Attorney Webb +Co. Patent Attorneys

I have worked with Shirly Weiser, Adv. for over 15 years, at first when she was in-house IP manager for one of Israel’s largest pharmaceutical companies and more recently in her capacity as the freelance in-house IP manager providing IP strategies and portfolio managing services to several small to medium biotech enterprises and start-up firms who are also our clients. Shirly Weiser has proven herself to be adept and professional at providing an important bridge between the clients and the patent attorneys in planning and executing a coherent and economically feasible patent strategy. Her services are carefully tailored to fit the needs of very different clients. Ms Weiser is skilled and conscientious in all stages of the process from the analysis of the client needs for each new application, during patent drafting and all the way through the examination process. Together we have achieved exceptional results for some very difficult cases. Personally, I have found it very rewarding to interact with Shirly Weiser and have learned to rely on her ability to support us on resolving complex issues. I have found her able and willing to provide reliable advice as well as conveying to the clients the best practices to adopt in different jurisdictions. In short, Shirly is able to apply her expertise for guiding the clients through all the patent services that they require, for clients who are big or small.

Dr. Racheli Gueta – Head of PreClinical Research at Amorphical

Shirly is a highly professional colleague in the field of patent strategy. She is totally committed to her work and has the ability to create a warm, caring, cooperative working environment. She has a vast knowledge in all fields and has creative solutions in positioning patent claims. She is a very pleasant colleague to work with and her positive attitude motivates the team members around

Dr. Noa Rubin-Dayan – R&D Project manager at Amorphical

I had the pleasure of working with Shirly Weiser on numerous projects relating pharmaceutical patent matters. Shirly is characterized by her methodological planning of patent strategy.Her ability to understand in details the different scientific aspects enables her a high overall view. Shirly’s’ In-House IP management approach is expressed with professional remarks and observations along the projects.These promote both the scientific work plan, needed to support the patent strategy and the whole patent family. She is a very pleasant co-worker which unintentionally inspires and motivates the work-team

Dr. Yoel Asseraf – Head of Marketing and International Business
School of Economics and Business Administration
 Faculty Staff, Ruppin Academic Center

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of all the students and myself for your fascinating lecture on “Branding and Trademarks” held in the course “Selected Issues in Marketing in Israel”, given to students in their third year of studies. Your lecture opened an interesting and relevant legal window for Business Administration students. The lecture was rich in examples, and it was clear that the students were interested, enjoyed and learned. I received excellent verbal feedback on the lecture and the presentation. So … Thanks a lot, Good luck in business and we will be happy to host you again in Ruppin

Dr. Zohar Koren Founder – Cannabics Pharmaceuticals Inc

Shirly is a top-notch professional in the field of IP strategy and patent management, with an amazingly vast knowledge in all matters relating to intellectual property and way beyond. Shirly is highly diligent, extremely clever and has a tremendous far reaching vision. She has totally revolutionized the company’s approach to IP portfolio Strategy and has invested efforts above and beyond the call of duty. She is definitely an amazing asset for any technology based company to have at hand as an in-house IP manager.

Daniel Bornstein – Analytical R&D Laboratory Manager and Consultant

I have worked with Shirly for many years facing complicated patents issues. Shirly is a very creative person who always sees things in many aspects which give her full spectrum of tools for overcoming existing patents obstacles as well as using it for patent litigation cases. Shirly is a top professional and a nice person to work with.

Edvard Brække – Owner of Law Firm Edvard Brække

I have had the pleasure of negotiating a patent license and other sorting out other IP matters between competitors with Shirly. She is very professional and knowledgeable in the nutraceutical patent field, and also very pleasant to cooperate with.

Cynthia Lambert Hardman – Partner at Goodwin Procter

Shirly and I work together on a complex, fast-moving patent matter. I’m impressed by her keen input and strategy decisions, her ability to dig into the technical details, and her interest in obtaining the best outcomes in the most efficient way. In addition, she is very professional and easy to work with. It is a pleasure to work with Shirly

Prof. Abraham J. Domb – School of Pharmacy-Faculty of Medicine, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

During the past ten years, I co-worked with Shirly Weiser on various patent matters – litigation cases, opinion letters and patent applications drafting – that involved delicate scientific matters of high-level physical-chemistry, chemistry, pharmaceutical formulations, polymers technology and medical indications.
Shirly has excellent capabilities of studying and coping with new and complex scientific and technological issues. She professionally uses relevant literature and co-works with academic experts in the required area. She then wisely edits the scientific data into relevant legal documents.
I appreciated her professionalism, curiosity and perfection and enjoyed very much working with her.